Webinar on Digital Innovation in the Fitness Industry

Digital innovation is fast becoming a buzz topic in the fitness industry and many gyms are turning toward the ‘smart gym’ approach to digitise operations and improve efficiencies. Deploying a digital solution to streamline day-to-day tasks can have an immediate impact on the running of a gym, but what does it actually mean for clients and for staff?

This is the topic being explored by Over-C and the team at Club Vitae Clayton on their live webinar on March 25th ‘Digitalisation of Leisure & Hospitality: The Impact on Customer & Staff Retention’. The format of the webinar is to sit down for a frank roundtable discussion with Tony McGrath and Steven Madden from Club Vitae Clayton to discuss the impact of digitisation on gym operations, but how it has transformed the relationship gym managers have with staff, and the service being delivered to gym goers.

Tony McGrath has been one of the earliest adopters of the ‘Smart Gym’ approach in Ireland and is one of the leading minds on the approach in the industry. With digitisation, Club Vitae Clayton has full insight and transparency into gym operations, which allows them to respond to issues more quickly and even prevent issues from occurring as they have increased visibility into what’s happening in the gym in real-time as well as insight into performance and trends. Since deploying a digital platform, the club has seen an 88% reduction in customer complaints and an increase from 3 stars to 5 in online customer reviews.

Improved customer satisfaction and retention is crucial, but does deploying a digital solution cause your workforce to become disenfranchised or concerned about a ‘big brother’ atmosphere of surveillance? Interestingly, Club Vitae Clayton have seen a marked improvement in how their staff engages with operations since deploying a digital solution. The staff have reported that they feel more empowered, invested and can see the contribution they make to the overall business in a way that was impossible before. Tony puts it best:

“The application gives staff direction, guidance and support to help them do the best job they can. It helps to drive and improve performance and reward those over-performers who are smashing their KPIs as well as help those who may be struggling or not performing”.

The platform has led to improvements in communication, collaboration, productivity and organisation. It’s resulted in a significant increase in staff satisfaction having achieved 97% in their 2019 staff satisfaction survey compared to 76% in 2018s. The main improvements that staff shared were feeling they could make a real difference, improved communication, having more of a sense of ownership and being rewarded and receiving positive feedback on their performance.

Tony McGrath, Club Vitae Clayton Manager, also shared that the platform has helped with staff onboarding. “For any new staff members, the first thing we do is get them up to speed on the Over-C platform on their first day. This has dramatically improved the speed to which they onboard and become productive as it helps structure their day and keep them on track”.

For more information on the impact digitisation has had on staff and customer retention for Club Vitae Clayton, and to get insight into some industry trends, register for the webinar on March 25th to hear (and take part) in the discussion.

Link: https://info.over-c.com/digitalisation-of-leisure-and-hospitality-webinar?utm_campaign=Q120%20Webinar%20-%20Clayton%20Customer%20Experience&utm_source=3rd%20Party&utm_medium=Referrals&utm_term=GymOwnersMonthly